Costs And What Is Included

What Is Included

Shoots Come With A Combination Of The Following

  • Unlimited Photos Taken
  • Unrestricted Proof Access
  • Access to Over 120 Outfits
  • Social Media & Publishing
  • Hours of Shoot Time *
  • Professional Hair & Makeup *
  • Multiple Outfits/Looks *
  • Product Development & Sales *
  • Complete Identity Privacy *
  • Professional Retouched Images *
As Low as

= The included number of final retouched edits is determined by the shoot type you have chosen (included edits are picked by Beansfotos, not the model/client).

= For SEXI shoots and Gift shoots model merchandising will be available with assistance.

= Your shoot type will determine your length of shoot time.

= Professional hair and makeup is included only in SEXI and Gift shoot types. It can be added to other shoots for an additional cost.

= The number of wardrobe changes is determined by your shoot type.

= Complete identity and shoot privacy is ONLY available for the Gift/Private option. For more information on what will or will not be posted please look at our Common Questions.

Shoot Types

Mini Shoot

  • Up to 2 Hours
  • 2 Outfits
  • 4 Edits
  • (deposit of 225
    required to book)

    SEXI Shoot

    • Up to 4 Hours
    • 4 Outfits
    • 8 Edits
    • Hair & Makeup
    • (deposit of 425
      required to book)


      • Up to 6 Hours
      • Unlimited Outfits
      • 12 Edits
      • Hair & Makeup
      • Private (No Social Post)
      • (deposit of 625
        required to book)

        *all pricing subject to change without notice
        *all included edits picked by Beansfotos
        Shoot Details

        Mouse over (or click the title) of each shoot type to see the general reasons for that selection.

        Mini Shoot SEXI Shoot Gift/Private Shoot
        Hours of Shoot Time 2 4 6
        Number of Outfits/Looks 2 4
        Retouched Images 4 8 12
        Unlimited Photos Taken
        Access Onsite Outfits
        Unrestricted Proof Access
        Social Media & Publishing
        Prof. Hair & Makeup
        Prod. Development & Sales
        Complete Identity Privacy

        You may add professional hair and makeup services to any non-inclusive shoot type for 200.
        The initial edits that come with your shoot will be PICKED by Beansfotos. You will not be able to pick which photos you wanted edited for those. Extra edits, that you would like to have done are picked by you and are available at any time. Prices for that can be found here.